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Portable & Moblie Homes on Wheels

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Seeking Mobility and Comfort? Discover Portable Homes

Welcome to Tiny Homes 4U, where the concept of home takes on a new dimension with our innovative mobile & portable homes on wheels. Discover freedom, flexibility, and sustainable living within our collection. Our portable homes redefine traditional living spaces, offering an experience that combines mobility, architectural brilliance, and eco-consciousness.

Explore a diverse range of customisable movable houses, each crafted to cater to different tastes, needs, and lifestyles. From compact yet cosy dwellings to spacious havens with modern amenities, our collection showcases a spectrum of options.

Exploring the Freedom: Mobile & Portable Homes on Wheels Revolution

Easily Tow into Place

Our mobile and portable homes boast seamless mobility, designed for effortless towing to your desired destination. Enjoy the convenience of relocating your home with ease and setting up wherever adventure calls.

Custom Designs

Tailor your tiny homes on wheels from the ground up with our custom design options. Dive into a world of possibilities, where your unique vision meets expert craftsmanship to create a personalised sanctuary on wheels

High-End Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of quality with our moveable house, crafted through attention to detail. Experience unparalleled luxury and durability, where every element reflects exquisite artistry and precision.


Affordable Prices

Elevate your lifestyle without breaking the bank. Explore our range of portable homes on wheels that offer exceptional value, providing affordability without compromising on quality or comfort

Your Dream Awaits: Mobile and Portable tiny home for Sale – Find Yours Today!

Experience the fusion of mobility and comfort with our exceptional range of tiny homes on wheels. Embrace a lifestyle that transcends boundaries as you explore the freedom these homes offer. Designed for those seeking a life untethered, our portable homes redefine the concept of comfort on the move.

Ready to embark on a life of freedom and sustainability? Enquire now to explore the world of portable homes from Tiny Homes 4U. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect home that aligns with your lifestyle and wanderlust. Your mobile sanctuary awaits!

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the right product for the ultimate Tiny Home experience.

Why Choose Tiny Homes 4U For Portable Homes?

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    Competitive Pricing

    Discover unmatched value with our range of movable homes. Experience affordability paired with exceptional craftsmanship, making your dream of mobile living an accessible reality.

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    Easy to Tow and Set Up

    Our portable homes are designed for easy towing, making them the perfect companion for your road trips. Set up your home with ease and start enjoying the freedom of life on the move.

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    Nationwide Delivery

    Experience convenience from start to finish with our nationwide delivery service. No matter where you are, our homes reach your desired location, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient delivery process.

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    Finance Option Available

    Explore various financing options tailored to suit your needs, making your journey towards tiny homes on wheels more accessible. Experience the convenience of securing your ideal home with customisable financing plans.

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    Australian Owned and Operated

    With over a decade of experience and 80 custom tiny homes built, Tiny Homes 4U is a name you can trust. Our expertise in portable homes ensures that you receive a durable, and stylish home.

We can help with finance

We have a finance team who will look at your options and help you achieve your goals. Call us now for a callback appointment, and get started on your new tiny home!

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What People are Saying

Absolutely delighted with our Mod Pod from Tiny homes. It’s been the perfect solution for our home office The build quality is excellent and exactly as spec’d. The process was easy from start to finish, from choosing our layout and finishes through to delivery. Great options. Great communication. Highly recommended.

David M.

Product: Mod Pod

we purchased a maxi studio from tiny homes not long ago and are more than happy with the purchase, good quality product with everything we asked for, thanks again.

Tamar P.

Product: Maxi Studio

Thanks, Marc for helping us with our new Tiny Home, we love our new external office which frees up room in the house, and it was much simpler and easier than adding a granny flat!

Taylor M.

Product: Maxi Studio

Our new 2 bed expandable granny flat is amazing. We didn’t expect it to be so easy to set up and install. You guys were great from the start, and your support after the sale was really encouraging – I’m recommending you to a work colleague, and I hope they will experience the same level of enthusiasm, service and support as we have received.

Laura N.

Product: Granny Flat

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