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Tiny Home Accessories

Air Conditioning System

2.6kW Reverse Cycle Split System An everyday luxury you deserve Ideal for large bedrooms, offices and medium-size living areas, the Rinnai Q Series 2.6kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner provides you with economic climate control. Ideal for large bedrooms, offices and medium-size living areas, this energy-efficient split system automatically adjusts the temperature setting up and down while you’re fast asleep and its quiet operation ensures a peaceful slumber all night long.

Hot Water Heater

The Rinnai HotFlo 50L 3.6kW Electric Storage Tank comes with our medium capacity tanks ranging from 50 litres, we have the most effective and energy-efficient systems to meet your household’s hot water demands. It features a vitreous Enamel lined steel tank for added durability, inbuilt anode protection to extend the life of the tank, dual-handed to allow increased flexibility during installation, pressure temperature relief valve, Suitable for internal and external use, and is thermostatically controlled with safety temperature shut off for added peace of mind.
We can also supply a gas solution, with Rinnai’s B16 continuous flow hot water systems. These are peak efficiency units that provide hot water on demand. By heating water as it passes through the unit, the Rinnai reduces running costs and greenhouse gas emissions. As the water is heated only when needed, they will never run cold.

Tiny Homes Trailer

Base Trailer – Farm – Rural – Road use. Converts a cottage into a stationary caravan.

  • Dual heavy-duty axles
  • Chassis construction DuraGal 150 x 50 x 4.0mm steel
  • 5850mm long x 2250mm wide trailer frame with 1500mm long drawbar
  • Finished with black paint
  • 4 x New 15 inch rims and tyres
  • 4 x Stabilizing corner jacks
  • Anchoring points to secure the cottage
  • Registered for road use

Customised Decking

Expand your tiny home’s functionality and connection to the outdoors with a custom deck. Designed to your specific needs, a custom deck offers numerous benefits, including Increased living space – you can expand the deck as far as you want and enjoy fresh air meals, outdoor reading, or stargazing on your personal extension.

A custom deck can be built to match in style and features to perfectly complement your tiny home’s aesthetic. Let the deck flow seamlessly with your tiny home, creating an illusion of spaciousness and connection to the outdoors. In addition, it can integrate additional storage, benches, or retractable awnings to maximize your space. It’s all about maximizing your tiny footprint and crafting something to match your unique lifestyle.

Talk to our friendly staff to see how we can fully customise a deck that will permanently enhance your tiny home.

Solar Packages

Please ask our team about specialised solar packs to suit your needs. We can do anything from basic panels to a full battery system that is suitable for all of our tiny homes.
We can run through the electrical usage of your tiny house and be able to offer you a product to suit your requirements. Installation can be included depending on location.

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